Werridale Linndorn

Border Collie

My parents and I had border collies growing up, which we showed and bred. Lucky, however, was my first border collie who was all mine. I saved up for her with an after school job. She did reasonably well in the showring – I was told she would have done a lot better if I hadn’t handled her! She was a quiet girl who enjoyed snuggles and the first border I had had who showed no interest whatsoever in fetching. She came to live with me for a little while when I moved into the city to go to uni – however I eventually moved to a flat so she returned home to my parents’ acreage. Before I could move into a house and have her back with me, she was bitten by a snake. Lucky had two litters of puppies under our ‘Earamatel’ prefix, one to Dakiem Beau’s Lad and one to our own stud dog, Annangrove Little Shep.